We are 5G ready. Are you?

As 5G technology revolutionizes industries, offering unprecedented opportunities for automating processes by expanding capacity and increasing bandwidth, the question arises: how can you leverage these benefits without extensive knowledge in network technologies?
UB-EDGE provides the solution.

All-in-one solution: Future-proof
your network today

Discover UB-EDGE, our all-in-one Edge with integrated Private 5G Network developed in collaboration with our partner Lanner. The local edge computing platform is ready to seamlessly
run your mission-critical applications, such as realtime video analytics. Enjoy high-performance and secure wireless network access with private 5G.

Benefit from AI acceleration, enabling enhanced automation across various sectors such as industrial productions, logistic centers, constructions sites, military operations or events. Elevate your business with UB-EDGE for unparalleled connectivity and performance.

​Enhanced automation for your business

Explore UB-EDGE across the following industries

Construction sites





Military operations

Logistic centers


Why choose UB-EDGE?

No need for on-site technicians

Unified automation in the deployment and management of UB-EDGE across all technical domains allows for easy setup and hands-off operations.

You (only) get what you need

The flexible nature of UB-EDGE allows us to pack it with the exact features you require, saving costs and enabling your specific applications—be it more coverage, more storage, or more AI acceleration.

Don’t worry about internet access

UB-EDGE allows for internet access even in remote locations. Wide range of solutions is available to bridge the gap between local edge deployments and the cloud.

Network access into the last corner of your area

The days when certain areas were not covered or did not receive the required quality are over. UB-EDGE enables automated network planning and coverage monitoring. We‘ve got you covered, even supporting you with your 5G

Your data is safe

Storing and processing data locally on the edge increases data privacy and safety. Additionally, 5G networks are among the most secure wireless networks. The security features of UB-EDGE allow you to use secure data storage without additional effort.

What’s in the Box


All-in-one Edge with integrated
Private 5G Network

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