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We provide consulting services in architecture, planning, engineering, IP network operations, VoIP, virtualization, and server systems. Our focus is on meeting needs, optimizing costs, ensuring scalability, and maintaining strong security. From integration to programming, our expertise covers market insights, best practices, and standardization facilitation.

Our services:

IP data networks

  • Carrier-scale networks
  • Platform controlling
  • Data centre networks
  • Corporate networks
  • Layer 1–5 technologies

We have a comprehensive understanding of networking technologies, which also includes automation, provisioning, network management and accounting. Our knowledge of network functions virtualisation, software-defined networks, market data networks, multicast streaming, delay optimisation and fast convergence makes us a market leader.

Server & virtualisation

  • Data centre infrastructure
  • UNIX/LINUX optimisation
  • Storage solutions
  • Large-scale databases
  • Migration to the cloud

We provide assistance in migration from classic applications to modern distributed cloud applications. We offer highly specialised knowledge of network functions virtualisation, software-defined networks, application production and infrastructure, and the implementation of high availability.


  • Migration
  • Replacement of components
  • Installation of systems
  • Optimisation and measurement
  • Pre- and post-testing

We perform the migration and rollout of network and server components and devices in a timely and quality-assured manner. Process-based support and necessary pre- and post-testing of an installation or migration measure are ensured by us along with the documentation.

VoIP voice networks

  • IMS core
  • Subscriber management
  • VoIP PBX, SIP trunk
  • VoIP quality
  • Transport layer integration

We make it possible to switch from classic voice networks to VoIP. A key aspect of our services is the implementation of TKG (telecommunications law) directives, security, interoperability and VoIP applications. We provide support with regard to specification, standardisation, engineering and VoIP fault analysis.


  • Operation support
  • Central rollout monitoring
  • Pre- and post-check
  • Network management
  • Fault analysis and troubleshooting

We offer extensive expertise in administration and lifecycle support according to ITIL and TMF for quality-assured operation. Our specialist knowledge enables us to perform fault analysis and troubleshooting, optimisation, validation and reporting including an on-call service and 24-hour on-site service.

Software development

  • QoS and troubleshooting application for VoIP platforms
  • Software-defined networks
  • Performance management
  • Rollout and migration tools
  • Test automation

We use agile methods (e.g. Scrum) in close collaboration with our clients, use git as version management and work with code reviews. We currently develop primarily in Python and JavaScript for frontend development.

We offer specific knowledge in UNIX system technology, virtualisation, containerisation and NoSQL databases. In particular, we work with Linux, Docker, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Django and Kafka.

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