UNIBERG’s 5G Offerings

Start your 5G journey with UNIBERG’s unique 5G products, services 
and end-to-end integration capabilities.

5G is changing the world of connectivity.​
Backed by our comprehensive know-how and experience in network infrastructure technologies, UNIBERG can help you
leverage the full potential of 5G. ​​

Future-proof your business with UNIBERG

Ultra-low latency and high bandwidth are the cornerstones of the 5G technology. Significantly improved reliability and greater network capacity, make 5G ideal for businesses that rely on processing large amounts of data in real-time. At UNIBERG, we help our customers achieve their goals in production automation, sovereignty of data and ease of operations. Our innovative products are designed to cater to the changing needs of our customers across verticals. Cost-savings, reduced carbon footprint and improved efficiencies are some of the key benefits offered by our 5G  products.

Your trusted integration partner for 5G Campus Networks 

UNIBERG’s longstanding experience of planning large telco networks, allows us to deliver high-quality and reliable network solutions to our clients. In addition, we have superior expertise in cloud and edge technologies, which enables us to provide efficient and effective network solutions. ​

Our DevOps and cloud-native programming DNA ensures that we are always at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experts in AI-based data analytics, machine learning and edge computing makes us well-suited to develop and provide 5G solutions. ​

5G Offerings

At UNIBERG, we are developing use-cases such as intelligent provisioning,
private 5G peering, nomadic networks – so our clients can benefit from faster
and more efficient operations. ​





5G capabilities


Planning &

Open 5G
Testlab aas

Operation & Optimization

Solution Customization

5G Software Development

Areas of Innovation

Campus 5G Monitoring

Infrastructure as Code


Al / Data Analytics

r-App/x-App Development

Use Cases

Intelligent Provisioning

Private 5G Peering

Nomadic 5G PN

5G Construction Automation

Advanced Localization

Nomadic Networks

Edge Robustness


Autonomous Infrastructure

Network Automation

Mobile Cell Energy



Smart Energy Management
Mobile Cell Sites


Integrated hardware and software solution to enable the automation on
construction sites


An intelligent end-to-end service management for private 5G networks in smart industries

Operational Technology Competences for the Industrial Sector

  • Active member of 5G-ACIA for 5G smart industry revolution​
  • Products and services for operating, maintaining, administration and monitoring private 5G infrastructures (24h/365day)​
  • Specialists in IIoT network technologies and 5G time critical apps​
  • UNIBERG open 5G test lab for development and integration of industrial automation apps

Operational Technology Competences for the Construction Sector

  • Key Player in 5G, digital twin, edge, AI and robotics for the automation of constructions​
  • Patents in 5G Network Automation and 5G SON specific for constructions automation​
  • Products in Zero Touch Service Management and self-organizing 5G infrastructures used in construction automations​
  • UNIBERG open 5G test lab including applications, robotics and sensors specific for constructions ​

Operational Technology Competences for the Telecom sector

  • Market leading competences in engineering of Telco infrastructures:  IP, Mobile, Datacenter as well as OSS/BSS  ​
  • Transition experts from black-box to software defined networks based on virtualization and disaggregated networks​
  • Service provider automation and monitoring specialists​
  • Solutions for Energy Savings in Telco Datacenter as well as for Mobile cells​

Expert 5G Services: Customized Planning, Integration, and Optimization

Planning and integration involve careful analysis and design of 5G networks, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure. As an expert in 5G technology, our team specializes in planning and integration, operation and optimization, 5G software development, and solution customization. ​

As integration partners, we are develop customized 5G solutions that meet specific needs, helping to maximize the benefits of this advanced network technology, to minimize the operational and administrative work and to enable end-to-end solutions.

Areas of Innovation

AI / Data

r-App / x-App

Campus 5G

as Code


Our innovative products


An intelligent end-to-end service management for private 5G networks in smart industries

  • Management System for Autonomous Nomadic 5G​
  • Enabler for Zero Touch Service Management​
  • Includes Innovation to adapt 5G coverage according to changes in environment and Line of Sight​
  • Provisioning automation of end-devices, even when moving from one private network to another​
  • Observability, Monitoring and Readiness for IT as well as OT systems and infrastructure​
  • Data Sovereignty and Open Infrastructure to enable integration as well as customizations ​

Download UNINOC flyer: 


Integrated hardware and software solution
to enable the automation on construction sites

  • Integrates Digital-Twin, 5G Core, robotics and ​
    AI for automation of constructions ​
  • Based on robust hardware to be implemented in rural and nomadic environments​
  • Includes Management functions to enable autonomous infrastructure​
  • Performant and adaptable compute as well as storage systems​
  • Containerization as well as virtualization to integrate customer apps​

Download UB-EDGE flyer: 


UNIBERG’s solution for Mobile Cell Energy Management 

  • Reduction of Energy Consumption ​
  • Enabler for Hydrogen Technology to replace batteries​
  • Optimization for Green Energy using AI ​
  • Management System to provide full visibility on energy consumption as well as production​
  • Mobile cells autarky from public power grids​

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EConoM research project
to enable construction automation

UNIBERG is part of the prestigious EConoM project, funded by Germany‘s Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. The project is focused on deploying 5G, AI, and edge computing technologies to meet the specific needs of the construction industry. Its goal is to enable the optimization and automation of construction sites, making them more efficient and effective. 

UNIBERG’s Open 5G Lab

To support the development of various 5G use-cases, products and solutions, we are building a state-of-the-art Open 5G lab. This 5G Lab is dedicated to customizable prototyping for nomadic and industrial applications. It is a playground where we explore innovative ideas. Our O-RAN compliant Open 5G Lab provides an ideal environment for our team to test industry specific use-cases, develop future-ready 5G solutions and test multivendor equipment.​