Migration eines Autonomen Systems (AS) 

Client: Vodafone GmbH
Industry: Telecommunication
Service/Product: Migration eines Autonomen Systems (AS) 

What is the general benefit behind the project:

Merging two autonomous systems by migrating one AS to a second (for example, the purchase and integration of Kabel Deutschland by Vodafone). Parallel operation of two similar networks does not make sense from a financial perspective.

What is the challenge:

Integration of an autonomous system into an existing system without interrupting network operations for several million end customers. This also includes transitional solutions, which are needed until the final integration.

What solution we offer the customer:

We provide the customer with an integrated solution, starting with the design of the solution, the planning for the migration up to the completion of the migration as well as the complete documentation. We support this with an international team of experienced employees who implement the planning of the migration, the testing of the migration process, the support of the transitional solution and the final migration to the live network.

What is the exact benefit at the customer:

The customer is offered a professional service, which can react flexibly to the customer’s wishes and thus ensures a smooth migration of the AS without interruption. In this regard, the customer greatly appreciates the many years of experience of our highly qualified employees.

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