UNIBERG awarded the coveted BSFZ Seal of innovation

UNIBERG has been granted the prestigious BSFZ seal, a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation. As a technological leader, UNIBERG’s foundation lies in its capacity to innovate, ensuring optimal client service through groundbreaking services and solutions. The attainment of the BSFZ seal further reinforces this commitment.

The BSFZ seal one of the most sought-after distinctions, awarded to a select few companies that qualify for funding grants from The Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. After a meticulous validation process by BSFZ, companies receive this seal in recognition of their R&D activities. This “FuE” seal concurrently grants eligibility for Research Grant Authority funding.

To earn the esteemed BSFZ seal, companies must showcase significant investment and commitment to internal R&D initiatives. This acknowledgment affirms that UNIBERG has met all criteria outlined by the certification authority, engaging in pioneering projects that drive advancements in the industry. For UNIBERG, the BSFZ seal signifies not only distinction but also a steadfast dedication to research-driven innovation.

The state grant’s financial support propels UNIBERG’s R&D efforts, fortifying our future roadmap and enabling the continued delivery of cutting-edge solutions. In a constantly evolving landscape, characterized by technologies like 5G and 6G, UNIBERG invests constantly adds new capabilities to meet future client needs, as exemplified by our ORAN compliant Open 5G Lab. This funding amplifies our capacity to foster innovation and contribute to the progress of intricate infrastructure management.