Scalable capacity forecasts in large data networks: Early detection of bottlenecks in the network infrastructure

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We are an engineering and consulting company for telecommunications technology, systems technology and IT processes. 

Our goal is to create real added value – and exceed expectations – through our holistic perspective and detailed expertise combined with collaborative thinking and actions. A wide range of companies benefit internationally from our consulting, service and programming.

We specialise in VoIP and IP networks and have extensive experience in individual programming services, large-scale NoSQL databases, virtualisation and optimisation of UNIX systems.

We possess a particularly high level of knowledge within the telecommunications, banking, government and transport industries. Project expertise, a high degree of client communication and detailed experience in systems technology and at the associated interfaces, and peripheral issues are a matter of course for us.

At UNIBERG, we value collaboration within our team and a friendly relationship with our clients and partners as well as with colleagues.

The typical areas of application for our clients are requirement analyses, technical specifications, engineering, tests, programming, operational tasks and agile project controlling.

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