UNIBERG specializes in internet as well as mobile networking technologies with the focus on engineering, implementation, programming and operation.

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Bringing companies and people faster into the future

UNIBERG is an engineering and consulting company offering sophisticated solutions aimed at simplifying network management for large and growing enterprises – across sectors.

With over two decades of experience, we specialize in VoIP and IP networks, with extensive expertise in individual programming services, large-scale NoSQL databases, virtualization, and optimization of UNIX systems.

Unser Portfolio Umfassend, End-to-End und auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten

Our Core Competencies

Working with leading global telecom providers, gives us a unique insight into telecom and ISP ecosystem.

When it comes to Networking, we have demonstrated capabilities in areas of requirement analyses, technical specifications, engineering, tests, programming, operational tasks, and agile project controlling. Our ability to deliver tailor-made and cost-effect solutions for our Telecom clients sets our offerings apart from our competitors.

Delivering measurable benefits

Empowering customers with the right tools to identify and avoid VoIP, IMS and IP Core infrastructure issues. Our solutions are designed to eliminate the day-to-day redundancies as well as providing customers with long term competitive edge. With intuitive solutions dedicated to automation, monitoring, improved diagnostics and early-stage anomaly detection, service disruptions and costs can be measurably minimized.

Collaborative approach

We believe in the power of collaboration. We nurture a high degree of collaboration not only within our team but also with our clients and partners. Working closely with clients, we have gained high level of expertise in the telecommunications, banking, government, and transport industries. Project expertise combined with thorough understanding of systems technology, associated interfaces, and peripheral issues set us apart from our competitors.

Innovation at the heart of UNIBERG

At UNIBERG, we encourage our team to think big. To fuel innovation, we make it our priority to not only focus on today’s challenges but anticipate our customers’ future challenges. We invest heavily in in R&D and our patents reflect that investment. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions are aligned to their long-term goals.


We are engineering the largest IP backbone in Europe

Actively participating and contributing to open-source standards

We understand networking. From Network Interface Hardware, networking on the hypervisor, operating system-layer, virtualization and application-layer – from client via the network to the server.

With our end-to-end networking expertise and technology combined with virtualization and operating system design competences we are specialists in low latency optimization.

Our innovations provide a clear benefit for our customers in cost savings

Our eSETA product is used to detect bottlenecks and problems in IMS infrastructures and to win market benchmarks.

Our true asset – Our people

Over the years, we have built a small yet close-knit community of thinkers and innovators. We understand that transformative solutions can only emerge from an inclusive and open environment, therefore as we grow, we endeavor to welcome people with diverse perspectives and ideas on-board to further enrich our team.

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