UNIBERG Patent: Resource saving for outage scenarios of VoIP platforms at telecommunication providers

Should the VoIP system fail at a very large telecommunications provider, this may cause outages of the telephony service for several 10,000-100,000 customers; in the worst case, even entire regions may be affected. To ensure that this does not occur, customers are switched to fallback systems within a few milliseconds. Their reserve capacity must be designed to take over all affected customers. In these cases, there are peaks in the workload of the systems.

Our patent describes a way of significantly simplifying processing in the event of outages and the associated movement of customers to fallback systems. For this purpose, certain information is shared between all affected systems so that, in the event of a move, the states of all customers are restored and no longer have to be completely reprocessed. Our innovative solution can save up to 70% of the resources that would otherwise have to be reserved for this restart. No adaptation of hardware and software is necessary for the customers themselves.

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