Internationally trusted progressive thinker and innovator

We are an engineering and consultancy company for telecommunications and systems technologies as well as IT processes. Companies of all kinds, within Germany and internationally, benefit from our advisory and programming services. We present significant project expertise and a high level of customer and company communication.

We are a group of IT-enthusiastic employees.

Reliability, responsibility and teamwork are essential to us.

When selecting new employees, we pay attention to community involvement and support our employees‘ volunteer activities. 

Rapid changes in technology require frequent employee development. To this end, we facilitate programs for training. We invest at least 5% of our turnover in our employees‘ development, and the regular participation of all employees in international conventions is common.

Our teamwork is always friendly.

We are an international company: UNIBERG currently has around 35 employees working together from 10 different nations.

Green IT

Closeness with nature has been a pillar of UNIBERG since the beginning. Shared nature adventures are essential to us because only when you have experienced and learned about nature, can you appreciate, respect and protect it.

We work as volunteers in various projects for the conservation of nature and the environment. Among other things, we support:

  • Jugendburg Ludwigstein with various projects to facilitate nature adventures and responsibility among youth.
  • Bergwald Projekt to sustainably promote the protection, preservation and maintenance of the forest.

We need to support these projects monetarily and through our own voluntary labour.

Our own infrastructure utilizes bioelectricity. We avoid the use of dedicated hardware and try to provide the hardware features virtually.

We encourage our employees to use trains instead of flights or car trips for business and personal travel.

Meet our Leadership team

Andreas Möller
Martin Ulbricht
Moritz von Keiser
Unit-Manager Darmstadt

Joachim Knauer
Unit-Manager Eschborn
Dr. David Bröhan
Team Hamburg

From history to 2020


Foundation of UNIBERG GmbH. Activities in programming and systems engineering for customers in the aerospace industry and in the banking sector.


Acquisition of UNIBERG GmbH by Andreas Möller. Consultancy, services, and programming for banking, insurance, and government industries in the field of IP networks, VoIP, UNIX systems engineering, network management and Corporate Networks.


Expansion of the business to include consulting for telecommunications service providers.


Opening of offices in Frankfurt/Eschborn, Hamburg, and Darmstadt.


Relocation of the Hamburg, Darmstadt and Eschborn offices.


Opening of offices in Munich and extension of the management with the 2nd CEO, Martin Ulbricht