Network performance solution for
carrier & enterprise IP networks

What UNIMA does

• Monitors large IT infrastructures and networks, IoT and sensor networks, smart cities and smart industries

• Provides information instead of just numbers 

• Integrates data-analytics anomaly-detection, trend calculation and forecasting

• Provides intelligent metrics and KPIs

• Automatically detects infrastructures and devices

• Detects failures before they possibly occur

• Scales up to the highest demands for real-time data processing

UNIMA is made for ISPs, Voice Network and Data-Center Operators to overcome the classical restrictions of Performance Management Systems. 

You can easily integrate UNIMA into existing infrastructures and use its open APIs to support individual cases as you need. 


  • Fault Detection and Fault Analysis
  • Data Analytics 
  • Capacity Planning, Forecast, Trend Reporting
  • QoS Monitoring, SLA Compliance
  • Topology and device discovery
  • Anomaly Detection and Prediction
  • Automation for Operation-less


  • Improve network quality and stability by intelligent analysis of real-time information
  • Reduce the number of incidents
  • Find root causes faster
  • No data aggregation 
  • All information in one system
  • Fast, accurate and analytical

UNIMA is the preferred choice for modern operations, engineering and automatization of server and applications server infrastructure and for VoIP and IP networks

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