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Mobile Cell Energy Management

Batteries have a high cost. To ensure sufficient energy storage, optimize the power consumption costs and prolong the battery life it requires intelligent planning and smart solutions.

Rise in the adoption 5G technologies globally resulted in higher power consumption costs

Network operators are faced with constantly raising energy costs for operating mobile cells. 5G rollout requires a higher density of mobile cells, which increases the power consumption per cell considerably.

Furthermore, mobile operators have to compensate their carbon footprint by certificates. Rural installations of mobile cell sites require independence from public power grids. There is a growing demand from socially responsible investors, mobile operators and the public for green mobile cell sites that are environmentally sustainable.

The combination out of consumption and feed-in forecast is the key for using the green energy efficiently and to cover the demand by energy storage.

The time to act is now.

Urban Area

The cell site is located in a major city in Germany. It is in demand throughout the week and deprives many people of the 5G network connectivity.

Rural Area

The cell site is located far away from a big city in the middle of the countryside in Germany. It is in very variable demand throughout the week and only provides a few people with the 5G network.


The cell site is located directly on the roof of a stadium. The user behavior of the 5G network is changing a lot over the week. Nevertheless, the site also transmits within the week and reaches its peaks during events in the stadium.

UB-SMART allows mobile operators to be sustainable

UB-SMART is based on modern and innovative Data Analytics, Automation and System Decision Intelligence.

  • Made to scale to meet the demands of Network Operators to process mobile infrastructure
  • Intelligent decision making based on AI to optimize which power source to be used at what time
  • Highly efficient stream data processing with integrated anomaly detection
  • Independence and autarky by edge computing and decentral processing
  • MML / CLI to steer ORAN and proprietary equipment, including various vendors for power operations, batteries, microwave systems and IP router systems

UB-SMART advantages

Optimal Usages of Green Energy

Reduce or eliminate the usage of diesel generation and fossil fuel generated energy by increasing the usage of green resources.


Increased cell coverage time due to lower outage time.

Power Management

Optimal power source selection to lower the costs.


Effortlessly reduce OPEX within one year with the help of UB-SMART.


Reduce your Carbon footprint, thereby reducing the Carbon Tax certificate costs.


Greater independence from external energy providers.

Battery Lifetime

Increase battery life with improved charge/discharge routines.

Resource Planning

Better planning of energy resource and battery size based on consumption.

Reduce OPEX

  • Planning battery capacity to cover extended period of time
  • Better cooperation with energy provider companies
  • During busy hours, the energy source is switched to batteries in order to not overload the main power source
  • Calculate possibilities to return stored energy to energy providers 

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