Smart Network Management: Leading the pack or falling behind? 

In telecommunications, energy costs represent roughly five percent of operational expenses, with base stations consuming up to 57 percent of this energy. The rollout of 5G technology, leading to higher density of mobile stations and an exponential surge in data traffic led to increased energy consumption.  

Efficient network management is key to enhance energy efficiency and operational costs. How is your network adapting to these challenges? 

AI-Powered Energy Efficiency:  
UB-SMART transforms your network management 

UB-SMART revolutionizes mobile network management with its AI-driven system, offering scalable, multi-vendor monitoring. It predicts network user behavior and energy consumption, enabling data-driven, energy-saving decisions. Powered by a sophisticated reinforcement learning AI framework, UB-SMART ensures efficient, closed-loop operations. 

Scalable to meet your network’s demands 

Its capabilities extend to conducting scalable simulations, from local networks to nationwide coverage. 

How UB-SMART works

Simulate and Predict your Network User Behaviour 

Why does network user behavior differ? 

Example: In major German cities, cell sites face high data traffic during business hours due to dense populations and commercial activities, with a noticeable drop on weekends. Rural areas, by contrast, see variable weekly demand at cell sites distant from urban centers, influenced by a sparse population and differing lifestyles, leading to diverse data usage patterns.  

Why choose UB-SMART?

Enhance your network‘s transparency 

Collect data from your mobile network across multiple domains, such as RAN and Core. Highly scalable data pipelines and storage with normalized data models enable a unified view. 

Safe optimization testing through advanced simulation 

Simulate user behavior with precision, leveraging population data, time, and occupation to estimate RAN usage. Our simulations are highly configurable, tailored to mirror your network closely, ensuring safe and effective optimization testing. 

Unlock new insights into your network  

Transform collected and simulated data into clarity with our custom tailored dashboards. Gain a comprehensive and unified view of your network, enriched with deep insights.

Look into the future of your network  

Discover the future of your network‘s utilization and energy consumption with predictions driven by collected and simulated data. Our platform employs a variety of AI algorithms, competing to deliver the most accurate forecasts, allowing you to plan with precision and efficiency. 

Optimize your network with AI 

Our reinforcement learning framework, used for both training and testing, enables intelligent control of your base stations, effectively reducing energy consumption. Additionally, effortlessly create new models on the fly, keeping your network at the forefront of innovation. 


UB-SMART’s user interface at a glance

Intuitive management  

Experience the ease of managing your network with our straightforward, user-friendly dashboard. Tailored to facilitate quick decisions and adjustments, our interface ensures that optimizing your network is as simple as a few clicks. 

Comprehensive visualization and insights  

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your network’s performance with detailed visualizations and insights. 

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