Next Generation Testing for
complex VoIP infrastructure 

eSIPP – features and functions

  • Easy VoIP Session Generation, based on skeleton files and underlying XML files
  • Supports all SIP methods, supports individual adaptable call session, dialogues and transactions for SIP
  • Flexibility to modify Messages, Dialogs, Transactions and Calls by editing Text templates (XML or skeleton files)
  • High-Performance message generator for UDP, TCP, TLS and SCTP
  • Flexible Media Streaming with Audio, Video and Fax
  • Incorporate with UNIBERG’s eSETA tool system to analyse the results and with integration support with BDD frameworks for test-automatization and to report

You can easily integrate eSIPP into existing infrastructures and use its open API’s to support individual cases based on your needs. 


  • Test-Automation in VoIP
  • Performance Testing and Validation
  • Security Check and Fraud 
  • End-Device Testing
  • Transport Network and SIP VoIP Interaction Testing
  • Malformed Device replay
  • Validation of Operational Changes 


  • Very flexible possibilities ot modify and create individual messages, transactions, dialogs and calls for SIP
  • High performance message generation

eSIPP is the most flexible tool for doing tests, security auditing, performance evaluation and deployment checks for VoIP infrastructures. 

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