Data Analytics

Detecting problems earlier even before an incident happens. Creating value out of data.

Data Science / Data Analytics, combined with machine learning, offers incredible potential for all kinds of companies. ​

Creating value out of data is the key to success. UNIBERG is highly experienced in consulting, programming and integration of scalable data analytics platforms. Our key advantage is our understanding of the data combined with our in-depth knowledge of enrichment, ultra-fast processing and analysis methods.

Machine Learning

  • UNIBERG has outstanding experience in the design of machine-learning and anomaly detection algorithms. 
  • We have developed and implemented new and innovative algorithms to be more accurate in detecting anomalies, building trends, and predicting predictive maintenance.
  • Our programming skills and data-analytics provide optimal solutions for predictable forecasting and trend analyzations.

Ultra-Fast Data Processing

  • Real-time data analytics requires the processing of information on the fly, in masses and in real-time.
  • Integration of stateful information is necessary to analyze the data with the corresponding context. 
  • The processing of data requires companies to normalize, annotate, calculate and enrich the data. 
  • UNIBERG has the expertise in the technologies, methodologies and tools to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Data Science

• Understanding the meaning of data and finding its value requires expertise in the data structure, normalization and combinatorial technologies. We help you to create information instead of just present numbers. 

• We offer data analytics automation to find behavioural patterns in the data and present them to your field specialists to make new inferences and correct interpretations.

In cooperation with our university technology partners, we have invented new methods and functionalities for data analytics, but we also aim to scale and process data analytics tasks faster.

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