Intelligent Probing System for
complex IP network services

What CHKU does

  • Modern, flexible and innovative observability system for service providers and enterprise customers
  • Detailed and valuable insights about your network, services as well as systems infrastructures 
  • Provides deep insights on end-user performance on video streaming, IP transport, DNS, as well as web content 
  • Helps in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in the networks and services 

CHKU consists of a central server function for probe administration as well as decentralized, edge-oriented hardware probes, generating meaningful KPIs. All measurements are close to real world experiences of users and can provide details about the performance within the operational domain.

Key use-cases         

  • Win public benchmarks by identifying network and services bottlenecks
  • Ease and expedite the challenging tasks
  • of root cause analysis
  • Understand network quality from end- user perspective
  • Differentiate between service and
  • network performance loss

Key Benefits 

  • Provides valuable insights about end- user’s services quality and service availability
  • Flexibility to add custom KPIs for new
  • and additional services
  • Uses a modern front-end with customizable dashboards and reports
  • Fully managed and automated

CHKU: Observerability tool to improve user-experience and identify problems in network, services and systems infrastructures.

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