Low Latency

Optimizing latency is crucial for industrial and mission critical applications, alarming, market-data and gaming

Our end-to-end competences and programming services

  • IP backbone Network Optimizations ​
  • Making routing decisions with understanding the underlying physical topology of the layer-1 fire network​
  • Resolution of IP, TCP, QUIC, UDP latency constrains​
  • Optimize DNS​
  • Server, docker and kubernetes IP, TCP network stack optimization and network stack avoidance ​
  • eBPF and NIC application support​
  • FPGA programming ​
  • Application layer scaling and mass-data processing

Latency needs to be end-to-end. We do have the core competences on optimization, programming and for consultancy services.

Use Cases

  • Market Data​
  • Mission-critical Application​
  • Car Control​
  • Massive Data Processing​
  • Gaming​
  • Sciences​
  • Alarming​
  • Industrial Control Systems


  • Lowest possible latency achieved, end-to-end​
  • Higher Throughput​
  • Fewer Components​
  • Acting earlier and in realtime

Our mission is achieving low latency on all layers to support your business needs.

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