Climb new heights with our services

Our core competences

We consult in architecture, planning, engineering and operation for IP networks, VoIP solutions, virtualization and server systems.

Demand-oriented. Cost-optimised. Scalable. Secure.

We master the theory up to standardization and specification and the implementation from operation to programming.

Our services:

Data Networks

  • Carrier Scale Networks
  • Platform Controlling
  • Datacenter Networks
  • Corporate Networks
  • Layer 1–5 Technologies

Our approach to network technology is holistic. This includes automation, provisioning, network management and accounting. Our knowledge of Network Functions Virtualization, Software Defined Networks, Market Data Networks, Multicast Streaming, Delay Optimization and Fast Convergence makes us market leaders.

Server & Virtualization

  • Datacenter Infrastructure
  • UNIX/LINUX Optimization
  • Embedded Systems
  • Large Scale Databases
  • Migration to Cloud

We will assist in the migration of traditional applications to modern distributed cloud applications. We offer highly specialized knowledge in Network Functions Virtualization, Software Defined Networks, Application Production and Infrastructure, and the realization of high availability.

Roll Out

  • Migration
  • Exchange of Components
  • System Installation
  • Optimization and Measurement
  • Pre- and Post-testing

We perform migration and roll-out of network and server components and devices on time and with quality assurance. We ensure procedural support and necessary pre-and post-tests of an installation or migration operation and their documentation.

Voice Networks

  • IMS Core
  • Subscriber Management
  • VoIP PBX, SIP Trunk
  • VoIP Quality
  • Transport Layer Integration

Our specialists facilitate the transition from traditional voice networks to VoIP. An essential aspect of our services is implementing TKG-guidelines, security, interoperability and implementation of VoIP applications. We offer support regarding standardization, specification, engineering and VoIP troubleshooting.


  • UOperations Support
  • Monitoring
  • Pre- and Post Check
  • Network Management
  • Error Analysis and Debugging

For quality-assured operations, we have a broad knowledge in administration and lifecycle support according to ITIL and TMF. Our knowledge as specialists allows for error analysis and troubleshooting, optimization, and validation and reporting. This includes on-call and 24 hours of on-site service.

Software Development

  • QoS and troubleshooting application for VoIP plattforms
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Performance Management
  • Roll Out und Migrations Tools
  • Testing Automation

We utilize agile methods, e.g. Scrum, in close cooperation with our customer, we use git as version control, and we work with code reviews. Currently, we develop mainly in Python as well as JavaScript for frontend development.

We offer specific knowledge in UNIX system technology, virtualization, containerization, and NoSQL-databases. In particular, we work with Linux, Docker, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Django, and Kafka.