Client:       Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH
Industry:  Telekommunikation
Service/Product:         eSETA

What is the general benefit behind the project:

  • Faster and easier troubleshooting and repair
  • Improved customer satisfaction (end customer)
  • Improved fault analysis capabilities enable the use of much more complex VoIP platforms (e.g., virtualisation, dynamic capacities etc.)

What is the challenge:

Calls between multiple end-users pass through many systems at the customer’s premises and require the use of many services. This needs to be analysable end-to-end to react quickly and specifically to errors in systems or limitations in the end customer experience.

What solution do we offer the customer?

We offer a system that can capture a very high number of calls, end-to-end and analyse them down to the level of individual signalling messages. For this purpose, associated messages are automatically correlated and evaluated across protocols. Both reporting and alarming functionalities are possible – even in real-time in the production network.

What is the exact benefit for the customer?

The customer can offer his end customers a high-quality telephony experience.