UNIBERG’s Open 5G Lab

An open and collaborative test and research space ​
to explore innovative ideas​

Our Open 5G test lab is designed to provide a 
customizable prototyping environment that is tailored to 
nomadic and industrial applications. ​

Development of 5G use-cases, products, and solutions

As part of our commitment to advancing the development of 5G technology, we have built a state-of-the-art Open 5G Lab. With this lab, we aim not only to create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation, but also enables integration testing as well as training, research and product development. We believe that by creating an open space for training, research and product development, we can help drive the industry forward and accelerate the pace of innovation. ​

Our 5G lab will serve as a hub for the development of various 5G use-cases, products, and solutions: for energy management, for construction automation and as an open environment for integration testing. It is designed to test customizable prototyping – tailored to nomadic and industrial applications. ​

Open end-to-end development, test and integration platform

One of the key features of our Open 5G test lab is that it allows integration of O-RAN as well as none-O-RAN compliant radio access technologies. We have a flexible and scalable platform for developing and testing 5G end-to-end solutions. The lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies, including advanced radio access network (RAN) equipment, cloud-native core network components, and network slicing capabilities.​

The Open 5G test lab is built on multivendor and open standards technology, making it ideal for testing industry-specific use-cases and developing future-ready 5G solutions. It allows to test multivendor equipment, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across a wide range of devices and systems including management and provisioning end-to-end.​

Open 5G Lab Core expertise

Open, Disaggregated and
Modular Architecture

Full Non-Public Network 
Spectrum & Multi-Site 
enabled (Outdoor / Indoor)​​

Open Core and RAN for
interoperability tests

RIC with Realtime and
non-Realtime applications

Edge integration
AI, Digital Twin, Low Latency,
 Robotics Apps

Playground for DevOps &
Training Center

Robotics, Sensors, Actors,
Handsets and UE simulation

Management Systems and Automation Frameworks for Provisioning

Test Automation, Infrastructure as Code, Service as Code, Automated Testing

UNIBERG’s Open 5G Lab

As an integrator for vendors and technologies we are open to partnerships and collaborations in the 5G journey.  ​