UNIBERG is proudly partner of the EConoM project
to enable construction automation with help of 5G,
edge technology, AI, digital twin (BIM) and robotics. 

UNIBERG will actively contribute with innovations to the EConoM project on the specific needs of the constructions industry to use 5G technology to assist quality assurance, increased safety, waste reduction and optimized logistics.  ​​ ​

Automation of constructions

EConoM is a funding project by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, as part of the InnoNT (innovation in Network Technology) call. UNIBERG as part of the consortium, which is dominated by major constructors, researchers in construction robotics and construction machine vendors.

Our common goal is to use 5G technology, edge, digital twin, robotics as well as Artificial Intelligence to enable automation, higher safety, waste reduction, better logistics, shorter construction time, a as well as better quality for constructions. ​

Innovation in 5G to enable construction automation

Our role in EConoM is to develop innovations in 5G, digital twin (BIM) and edge technology to enable construction automation: ​

  • the automatic adaptation of the 5G campus network coverage according to progress and changes detected of the construction site,​
  • Automation of the provisioning of the end-devices,​
  • usage of digital twin (BIM) to optimize network coverage​

UNIBERG will bring in these innovations into new products enable end-to-end automation in constructions.​

Efficiency along the entire value chain of construction

The EConoM project will revolutionize constructions building by enabling robotics in the same way as smart industries is doing automation. The higher use-cases:​

  • waste-reduction, ​
  • efficient logistics, ​
  • shorter construction time,​
  • increased safety​

are important not only to save costs. The automation of construction industry will also help to reduce CO2 footprint and ultimately revolutionize construction processes for public as well as private infrastructures.​

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