UNIBERG’s Cooking for Charity 2023 in Berlin

UNIBERG’s Cooking for Charity 2023 at Nachtcafé Berlin-Friedrichhain

UNIBERG once again prepared a dinner for a homeless shelter to spread joy during the Christmas season 2023.

Starting in 2020 during the Covid lockdown, we made it our yearly tradition to cook a 3-course menu for people in need. Each year, we choose another organization in one of the cities of our six offices and coordinate, plan, prepare, cook, and serve a Christmas dinner.

This year, our Berlin team came together to organize a small Christmas market and prepare a delicious 3-course meal for the visitors of Nachtcafé, a local homeless shelter in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Run entirely by volunteers, Nachtcafé has been providing free meals and shelter every Thursday since 1996.

The enthusiasm of our team was unstoppable as we worked two afternoons in a row: peeled tons of Brussels sprouts, prepared Give-Away bags with needed items, baked waffles, served fruit punch, and transformed the courtyard into a warm and inviting space. Seeing the joy on the faces of our guests and Nachtcafé volunteers proved that the effort was worthwhile, and the huge demand for a second round of dessert brought smiles to all of our faces.

Special recognition goes to the Nachtcafé team for seamless communication leading up to the event. We salute their tireless efforts each week, balancing their full-time jobs with their work at Nachtcafé. We would also like to thank METRO Berlin-Friedrichshain for their generous contribution to our initiative.

At UNIBERG, we believe that every move makes a difference, and together we can create positive change in our community.

Reflecting on the past two days, Martin Ulbricht, our CEO, expressed, “We are reminded of the joy that comes from giving back. Thanks to the UNIBERG Service Team and UNIBERG GmbH Berlin Team for their remarkable efforts. You were amazing!”

If you’d like to support Nachtcafé or make a donation, please visit their website: Nachtcafé Website.