Join us at BIM-Tage Deutschland 2023 

We are excited to announce that UNIBERG will participate as part of the EConoM project in a panel discussion at the upcoming BIM-Tage Deutschland on the 12th of October in Bochum, Germany. 

BIM-Tage Deutschland (BTD) is a hybrid event focusing on the practical applications of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The event will explore how BIM, combined with IT, can help achieve environmental goals, enhance competitiveness, boost productivity, and address skills shortages in construction and public administration. 

We invite you to join the panel discussion on “AI and 5G Campus Networks for the Management of Construction Sites,” where UNIBERG’s Andreas Möller and partners from the research project EConoM will provide insights into the project.  

“5G technology, in combination with robotics, edge computing, BIM, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, enables the automation of construction sites. This technology, derived from public mobile networks, can now be implemented and used for mobile and time-critical applications in private campus networks as well. This opens up new possibilities for using machines, sensors, cameras, and robots to increase efficiency on construction sites, monitor construction progress, avoid waste, improve logistics, enhance safety, and shorten construction times.” 

Andreas Möller (CEO)

Date and Time: 12th October 2023 | 16:25  

Location: ZESS, Bochum | Stage 12 or online 

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