Hannover Messe, 17-21 April 2023, Hannover, Germany

Corporate booth: Hall 12, Booth B39 
5G Arena: Hall 14, Booth H06
Date: 17th – 21st April 2023

UNIBERG will be exhibiting at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE from 17th – 21st April. We are pleased to announced that this year we’ll have not one but two booths – one showcasing our core capabilities – alongside WTSH GmbH, while the other deliciated to our 5G expertise in the 5G arena booth by 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA).

UNIBERG at Hannover Messe 2022

We invite delegates and visitors to meet our senior leaders and technical experts to discuss how our internet networks and mobile infrastructure technologies can support their emerging business needs. Learn why some of the largest telecom operators trust UNIBERG’s solutions to optimize their large and complex networks. 

At our second booth in the 5G Arena, visitors can explore UNIBERG’s 5G capabilities. At the heart of 5G is a faster more reliable connectivity and significantly lower latency, which can transform businesses across sectors. Business models that reply on faster bandwidth and real-time data transfer stand to gain considerably in the 5G era. At UNIBERG, we are building use-cases – specifically in the construction domain – to expedite the overall construction process through smart automation. 

Meet our 5G experts to talk about our capabilities in planning and optimization of public as well as private 5G+ network infrastructures to match the requirements of various vertical application domains.

Presentation at the Industrial Wireless & 5G Conference Stage

Join us the 5G conference stage in Halle 14, Stand H06 as our senior leaders Andreas Möller and Thomas Magedanz share their insights on challenges to expect as organizations look to make the most of endless benefits and opportunities presented by the 5G campus networks. 

Title: Opportunities & Challenges of 5G Campus Network Customization & Optimization in open 5G+ ecosystems

Speakers:  Andreas Möller CEO and Dr. Thomas Magedanz, Strategic Advisor, UNIBERG

Venue: Industrial Wireless & 5G Conference Stage, Halle 14, Stand H06

Date: Tuesday, 18 April ’23

Time: 09:40 -10:00

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Corporate booth: Hall 12, Booth B39 – Click here 

5G Arena: Hall 14, Booth H06 – Click here  

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