UNIBERG announces partnership with Staex

Combining UNIBERG’s two decades of tech integration experiences and Staex’s award-winning decentralized network solution, the companies are entering into a strategic partnership to raise the automation level for their clients. Especially those in the need of digital twin technology and secure communication through a software-defined overlay network.

Eschborn/Berlin, Germany, 18th November 2022

Creating a Digital Twin, improving levels of automation, delivering on safety and efficiency

UNIBERG GmbH partners with Staex GmbH to create a Digital Twin framework for a variety of industrial as well as constructional environments. Such a framework incorporates information from various data sources, such as IoT gateways, sensors and industrial machines to produce a unified digital twin of the industrial environment, where all business partners can track the overall production progress instead of a very fragmented view that is state-of-the-art currently. The seamless device connectivity and data transfer allows easy tracking of equipment and workers in a new established digital twin environment; increasing the level of automation and letting clients be up to 70% more efficient regarding time and other resources. 

Staex provides stable communication between IoT devices and gateways on top of multiple public and private 5G networks that are deployed on the facilities. 

Global connectivity for Kubernetes

Staex and UNIBERG are also collaborating on the “cloudification” of VoIP services, reducing latency and improving communication quality. This solution is for clients who want to deploy VoIP Docker containers through Kubernetes in different Local Area Networks (LAN) and then establish connections between these containers through Network Address Translation (NAT).

Staex’s responsibility is to establish reliable and secure communication in complex environments without using NAT. Staex runs its high-tech networking solution alongside the containers achieving stable and resilient data transfer across multiple networks through NAT. 

Partner Statements

Andreas Möller, CEO of UNIBERG, “UNIBERG has conducted an extensive pilot project with Staex delivering on innovative solutions for our clients. I am especially impressed with end-to-end encryption and global secure connectivity that work straight out of the box, therefore not requiring third-party tweaking for security like Kubernetes does. Staex solution enables utilities, robotics and industrial IoT to take advantage of modern software technology inspired by crypto and web 3.0 that brings software maintenance and network management automation to a whole new level.”

“Staex simplifies complex infrastructure and networks that do not meet current demands of the world’s volatile climate and ever changing environments. Companies need proven distributed and decentralized business environments to collaborate with other entities across networks and borders. The partnership with UNIBERG enables Germany’s largest companies to take advantage of technologies and services that meet the highest possible professional and security standards”, said Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Staex GmbH.


UNIBERG is an engineering and consulting company, specialized in mobile as well as in internet technologies. With over two decades of experience in design, development, testing and integration, UNIBERG is implementing the largest telco infrastructures, programming virtualized network functions and developing software defined networks. UNIBERG provides innovation in smart industry and construction automation by using AI together with the digital twin, edge computing, smart and intelligent sensors as well as 5G technologies,

Furthermore, UNIBERG offers its own sophisticated, AI driven solutions aimed to automate, optimize, analyze as well as simplify large and complex networks.

About Staex 

Staex GmbH is an award-winning software technology company that provides a unique software-defined infrastructure consisting of a secure overlay network and a service orchestrator, that gives you the freedom to install software wherever you want and operate global geographically distributed and fully decentralized infrastructure with the same ease as you operate your local network. Right now, Staex is used by its customers as an easier to maintain, 5x faster and more secure alternative to VPN to provide global connectivity for IoT devices located in warehouses, manufacturing plants and offices. Staex can be deployed within days and provides a secure and global communication channel for data telemetry, software and device updates, and for general machine-to-machine communication. Staex is inspired by the proliferation of web 3.0, blockchain and crypto technologies that encourage the use of federated infrastructure, peer-to-peer communication and zero trust.

Staex is based in Berlin and originated in Deutsche Telekom in 2017. In 2021 Staex was honored with the Deep Tech Award by the Berlin Senate in recognition of remarkable deep tech innovations in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0.